01 March 2024

On 22 February 2024, MD 6-year students organised a conference at the amphitheatre of Paphos General Hospital (PGH), to discuss their experiences during placements in PGH. The conference, supported by the Medical School and the State Health Services Organisation, featured a range of topics from intriguing cases to local research projects, attracting an audience of doctors and fellow students. The organizing committee was led by Maria Dimitriou as president, with Apostolos Karanikas as vice president, Dionysios Kostallas as treasurer, and Savvas Petrogiannis and Stella Naziri as committee members. Professors Joseph Joseph and Joseph Moutiris, who also served as chairmen, formed the scientific committee.

The conference aimed to provide a dynamic platform for medical students to share challenging topics, broaden their knowledge, enhance their practice, and expand their networks. The organizers hoped to build lasting connections among medical students from different areas, fostering a sense of community and collaboration essential for ongoing progress in the medical field.

The presentations, including practical cases and local research projects, sparked lively discussions between doctors and students, promoting medical education in the tradition of grand rounds. The organizers hope to set the stage for this event to become an annual tradition for final-year cohorts in PGH.