04 March 2024

At the recent European Congress on Neurosurgery & Technology in Barcelona, Professor Konstantinos Gousias, Clinical Professor for Neurosurgery at the Medical School, spoke about the criteria and characteristics of expertise in surgical neuro-oncology. Lucas Mazurcyk, an MD Year-5 student, was involved in a discussion on ‘Expertise in Surgical Neuro-oncology’, contributing to the project and paper recently submitted to ‘Brain and Spine’ journal as a co-author. Lucas Mazurcyk and Hannah Maycroft, also an MD Year-5 student, designed a study protocol for a clinical trial on the intraarterial administration of chemotherapy for patients with glioblastomas. They also completed an observership with Professor Gousias at the Department of Neurosurgery, Academic Hospital Lünen, Germany.

Emma Nordahl, an MD Year-4 student, has written several articles, reviews, and papers, particularly on traumatic brain injury and the intraoperative detection of tumour margins in glioma surgery. She is currently working on a study protocol for fluoroscopic surgery in brain tumours.

Another MD Year-4 student, Toby Newton, has contributed to a literature review on the intraoperative detection of tumour margins. Professor Gousias expressed his appreciation for the students’ involvement in these projects and their ongoing contributions to drafting scholarly articles in neurosurgery.