by Naresh Sinnathamby, MBBS  P-Year student

12 March 2024

On Sunday, 10 March 2024, eighteen medical student volunteers had the opportunity to offer blood pressure, glucose and body mass index measurements to 62 residents of Avgorou village in the district of Famagusta, under the supervision of Drs Danagra Ikossi and Danny Alon Ellenbogen.

Upon arrival at the village, the students were warmly greeted with local fresh strawberries and sweets. The expedition served as a valuable learning experience for medical students, who put their skills in practice, and proved beneficial for the participants. Conditions such as hypertension and diabetes were identified in two individuals, who were advised to consult their personal doctor as soon as possible.

Following the testing and just before lunch, which was kindly provided by the Community Council of Avgorou, the students had a debrief session with the supervising physicians. They  discussed  the two cases of diabetes and hypertension, highlighting the importance of the Mobile Clinic’s role.

“This experience reinforced the significance of holistic patient care beyond clinical settings. It emphasised the importance of cultural competence, effective communication, and empathy in delivering healthcare services in rural areas. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to improving the health outcomes of individuals and communities through initiatives like the Mobile Clinic”.

Chirayu Singhvi, India
MD, Class of 2028

“It was an incredible opportunity to interact with real patients and provide them with essential health screenings. Seeing the people’s happiness and gratitude was truly heartwarming. This experience allowed me to apply my skills in a practical setting and reinforced my passion for helping others”.

Jheel Kumari Ukrani, UK
MD, Class of 2027

“The Mobile Clinic provided me with the opportunity to consolidate my clinical and communications skills, and come closer to the community, through working together with my fellow colleagues. It was an invaluable experience”.

Ritik Saxena, India
MD, Class of 2027

“The Mobile Clinic was a great way to see more of Cyprus and to collaborate with fellow classmates. Offering screening tests and talking to local residents was a very nice experience. It’s one of the best ways to spend a weekend with the UNIC Medical School”.

Eduard Barnard, Canada
MD, Class of 2028