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Optimizing Interprofessional Interactions for Patient and Community Care

You are invited to an online panel discussion where panelists will bring forth their experiences and insights as to the challenges and opportunities in interprofessional interactions in health while discussing how to work toward a resilient system by building the capacity of its interprofessional work-ready workforce.

The conversation will highlight how these interactions can impact (positively or negatively ) our patients, community, health workers and systems and suggest how to educate our future workers to optimize interprofessional work.


  • Prof Evagoras Nicolaides, UNIC Medical Centre
  • Dr Aliki Peletidi, UNIC Pharmacy Programme
  • Dr Stefanos Spaneas, UNIC Social Work Programme
  • Dr Elena Philippou, UNIC Nutrition and Dietetics Programme
  • Mr Marios Kouloumas, President, Cyprus Patients’ Associations Federation


  • Dr Maria Cecilia Mosquera, Department of Primary Care and Population Health, UNIC Medical School
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