Navigating trauma care in Cyprus: Past, Present , Future

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Navigating trauma care in Cyprus: Past, Present , Future

by Chrysanthos Georgiou, Clinical Professor of Surgery, UNIC Medical School

Introduction by Prof Adonis Ioannides, Dean, UNIC Medical School


This lecture will describe the evolution of trauma care, from its roots in ancient superstition to its current scientific advancements, highlighting its significance in the transformation of medicine. We will explore how trauma care began its journey in the 2nd millennium BC, marking the shift from magical rituals to the dawn of scientific medicine. Ancient texts like the Eber Papyrus, which describes 700 magical remedies for diseases and protection against evil spirits, and the Edwin Smith Papyrus, a cornerstone in modern surgery will be presented. The latter reveals a scientific approach to 48 cases of injuries, fractures, wounds, and dislocations, emphasizing methods such as objective examination, accurate diagnosis, and prognosis, as well as practical treatment options still relevant today.

The presentation will cover specific ancient treatments such as wound washing, suturing, the use of bandages, splints, immobilization techniques, and the fascinating use of vinegar, honey, and mouldy bread in preventing and treating wound infections. These early medical practices laid the groundwork for what we know as trauma care today. The lecture will also address the current challenges and future directions in trauma care, particularly relevant to Cyprus following recent significant changes in the organization of trauma care in the country.


Chrysanthos Georgiou is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the UNIC Medical School and Director of Surgery and Director of Trauma Service at Nicosia General Hospital. He was awarded with an MD from the Medical University of Sofia and was granted the specialization of General Surgery from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2005.

The following year, as a scholar of the Leventi’s Foundation, he served as a Research Fellow at the Department of Trauma and SICU, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. His academic pursuits led to a PhD from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2008, after completing a doctoral thesis on the application and necessity of drains in laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

After returning to Cyprus, Prof Georgiou has balanced an academic career with active clinical duties. His contributions include publications, book editing, and since 2022, the role of Director of Surgery at Nicosia General Hospital. During this period, he received training in colorectal surgery. Prof Georgiou holds the positions of certified Instructor and National Director of ATLS in Cyprus and is an honorary Fellow in Emergency Surgery of the European Board of Surgery.

His clinical expertise includes trauma and emergency surgery, colorectal surgery, complex abdominal procedures, and intensive care medicine. His research interests align with his clinical work, focusing on clinical and experimental trauma, emergency surgery, and oncology. Prof Georgiou has established the first Trauma Registry in Cyprus in 2012, modelled after the Trauma Registry of the General Hospital of Los Angeles. Further advancing trauma care in Cyprus, he founded the first Level I Trauma Centre at Nicosia General Hospital in September 2023, where he also serves as Director.

Prof Georgiou’s influence extends to international clinical and scientific advisory boards specializing in Trauma and Emergency Surgery. He holds the Vice Chair position at the Cyprus Medical Association, has led the Cyprus Surgical Society, and was the inaugural Chair of its Educational Committee. His role as a reviewer for the European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery underscores his commitment to advancing medical knowledge.

His dedication to societal welfare is evident in his active membership and interventions in the Cyprus Society. This commitment was recognized by two Presidents of the Republic of Cyprus, who appointed him as the Chair of the Cyprus National Addictions Authority for two consecutive terms, totalling ten years.

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