Costas Oxynos

Clinical Associate Professor


Costas Oxynos is Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology/Diabetology at the University of Nicosia Medical School.

Dr Oxynos holds an MBBS from Kings College School of Medicine and Dentistry, London University, and an MD from the University of Manchester.  He has also completed the CCST (Certificate Completion Specialist Training) in Endocrinology -Diabetes and General Internal Medicine in London.


Selected Publications

C Oxynos. Testosterone treatment in male hypogonadism. Review. CME Endocrinology & Diabetes Vol 5 (2), pg 43-46 (2005).

C Oxynos and FCW Wu. Oral tibolone combined with testosterone as a potential male contraceptive: Pharmacodynamic study examining additive effects in suppression of pituitary-testicular axis. Endocrine Abstracts March 2004, V7.

C Oxynos, C Rajeswaran, and PE Belchetz. Pituitary sarcoidosis with disappearing mass: case report. Endocrine Abstracts March 2004, Vol.7.

C Oxynos, S Lines, P Sullivan et al. Audit: BP distribution in diabetes patients with and without nephropathy; comparison to NICE targets. Diabetic Medicine. April 2004. Vol 21 (Supp.2).

C Oxynos, N. Thakker, C Hewitt et al. Comparison between azoospermic responders and oligozoospermic non responders to sex steroidal contraception: a pharmacogenetics study examining the AR, CYP17, LH β and 5α-reductase-2 genes. Endocrine Abstracts March 2003, Vol.5.

C Oxynos, JM Phillips, I Laing, F et al. Oral clatharate DHEA as a potential form of androgen replacement in hypogonadal men. A phase 2, open label, placebo -controlled parallel group pharmacokinetic study. Endocrine Abstracts, March 2002, Vol.3.

Oxynos, JW Kane, RA Anderson et al. Use of an ultrasensitive chemi- luminescent assay to investigate adequacy of gonadotrophin suppression in men undergoing hormonal male contraception. Endocrine abstracts, March 2001 Vol. 1

C Oxynos. J Holland & FCW Wu. An uncommon cause of male hypogonadism. Journal of Endocrinology. November 2000, Vol. 167, Supplement.

C Oxynos &  FCW Wu. Male hormonal contraception. Bailliere`s Clinical    Endocrinology & Metabolism. 2000. Vol 14. No 3, 473-487.


C Rajeswaran, A Dawson, G Bonney, C Oxynos, V Nicholson, S Gilbey. Intussusception as a gastrointestinal complication of diabetes: case report and literature review. 2004 Vol 4 (6).

C Rajeswaran, C Oxynos, and PE Belchetz. The evolution of diabetes insipidus in a man with multiple pathology in the sacrum. Endocrine Abstracts March 2004, Vol.7.

{C Rajeswaran, C Oxynos, HJ Bodansky. Pre-hospital management of      Prevailing practise, cost and a suggested management model. Submitted to Diabetic Medicine, 2004}.

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University of Nicosia Medical School
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P.O. Box 24005, CY-1700, Nicosia, Cyprus


Phone: +357 22 471900