November 09, 2017

On Saturday, 4 November a successful outreach event to the village of Palaiometocho on the outskirts of Nicosia, marked the start of this year’s Mobile Clinic Expeditions.  A team of 14 student volunteers representing both the MD and MBBS programmes, under the guidance of Drs Behrooz Behbod and Panayiota Andreou and staff member Argyris Evangelou, carried out blood pressure and glucose tests for the elderly population of the village.

After the completion of the tests, the community council offered a traditional Cyprus breakfast to all participants, including Cyprus coffee, homemade cheese pie, halloumi cheese, green and black olives, tomatoes and cucumbers.  After breakfast the volunteers had the opportunity to visit the old section of the village and the renovated church of the community which dates back to the beginning of the 16th century.

The event was a success and more than seventy inhabitants of Palaiometocho had their blood pressure and glucose levels measured.  Our students gained invaluable experience while at the same time enjoying rural Nicosia.

Student volunteers: Alicia Beatrice Marie Wright, Brenda Osaruwa Nomamiukor, Catriona Anderson Walker, Christian Terence Myers, Daniela Toumazi, Fani Mera, George Kyrollos Moawad, Ioannis Balanos, Maria-Christina Siouli, Nadin Qazzaz, Priyanka Dadithota Reddy , Vasiliki Christou, Vasiliki Kalanopsi, Yogmaya Bakshi.


The next event is planned for Saturday 18 November with an expedition to Anarita village in the Paphos district.  Sixteen student volunteers will perform cardiograms under the guidance of Clinical Professor Joseph Moutiris.