On Thursday 16 May 2019, Second Year MBBS students and Fourth Year MD students participated in the annual White Coat Ceremony held at the University of Nicosia Open Amphitheatre to celebrate the beginning of their clinical training years in hospitals.

The ceremony began with the announcement of a donation by the Medical School students to support a clinic in Burundi.  Associate Dean for Faculty and Research Professor Peter Karayiannis praised the medical student body for organising fundraising activities throughout last year for this cause.

The President of the Medical School Student Society and the President of the Scalpels Basketball Club presented a cheque of €1315.85 to the Metropolitan of Burundi and Rwanda, Innocentios Byakatonda, and to Archimandrite Anastasios Poyiadjis, Honorary Professor of Tropical Medicine at the Medical School, who operates the clinic in Burundi.

Following the presentation, Dr Adonis Ioannides, MBBS Course Director and Dr Soulla Nicolaou, MD Programme Director, as well as Professor Joseph Joseph, MBBS Second Year Lead, and Dr Evis Bagdades, MD Fourth Year Lead, congratulated the students and wished them success in their forthcoming clinical training.  The ceremony ended with the handing out of white coats to the students as a symbolic gesture to prepare them for their clinical placements in hospitals in Cyprus, Israel, the UK and the USA.