Dr Charalambous, a senior post-doctoral researcher in neuroscience, has successfully applied and received a mobile Electromyography (EMG) system via the Mobile Equipment Donation Initiative from the De Luca Foundation.

The De Luca Foundation is a private charitable organisation, whose financial resources are dedicated to serve the Biomechanics Research Community through R&D grants, travel grants and public education.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide an opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and educators across the world to incorporate small-scale EMG into their projects with quick and powerful outcomes. Since February 2020, the De Luca Foundation has supplied researchers and professionals across the world with 12 Mobile EMG packages.

The package that Dr Charalambous received includes a 2-Sensor Trigno Avanti Mobile system ( https://delsys.com/trigno-avanti-mobile/) which consists of two Avanti wireless EMG sensors, a charging station and a pre-configured Android tablet. This system can be used to monitor muscle performance during physical activity such as sports and dance, and recovery from musculoskeletal and neurological injury.

Dr Charalambous and his supervisor, Dr Hadjipapas, intent to use this equipment to collect EMG signals from two leg muscles during walking (either on ground or treadmill) in both neurologically intact and impaired (in the case of stroke patients) adults with the ultimate goal of using these signals to run computational models, enabling the quantification of coherence between muscles.