July 2023

Dr Charalambos C. Charalambous, a post-doctoral fellow in neuroscience, visited last May for a week the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen as part of the Staff Mobility for Training programme funded by the University of Nicosia. Hosted by Dr Jens Bo Nielsen and his world-leading team in neuromotor control and neurorehabilitation, Dr Charalambous engaged in fruitful discussions with scientists, clinicians, engineers, and healthcare providers. He presented his research work, participated in data collections, attended a class on Ultrasound technology, and visited the Elsass Foundation, which works to improve the quality of life for individuals with cerebral palsy. The visit provided an opportunity for Dr Charalambous to initiate a collaboration with Dr Nielsen and his team.

On June 30th, Dr Charalambous, presented at the Inaugural Research Colloquium at the Centre of Applied Neuroscience (CAN), University of Cyprus and shared his research on the “CorticoReticuloSpinal Tract: The understudied descending motor pathway in humans and its role in neuromotor recovery after a cerebrovascular accident”.  Dr Charalambous discussed findings from two projects—one from his work at the New York University School of Medicine and another from his current work at the University of Nicosia Medical School. Both projects aimed to explore the subcortical motor drive in neurotypical adults and individuals with stroke using non-invasive brain stimulation tools and computational analyses during upper and lower extremity tasks, respectively. The presentation also included future directions guided by the findings of both projects, contributing to the emerging field of neurorehabilitation.