17 November 2023

On Sunday, 12 November 2023, our Mobile Clinic embarked on a community outreach in the village of Anarita, located in the Paphos district. This event saw the participation of twenty volunteer medical students, who were supervised by Professor of Cardiology Joseph Moutiris. Our team successfully conducted free health screenings, including electrocardiograms, blood pressure checks, and body mass index measurements, benefiting 46 local patients.

In addition to these services, the team also utilized this opportunity to conduct a study on the cardiovascular characteristics of the participants. The findings revealed a concerning high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among the community members, highlighting the importance of such outreach programmes in raising health awareness and prevention.

Following the expedition and a de-briefing session with Professor Moutiris, the team was invited to a lunch hosted by the Anarita Community Council at a local tavern.

This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to provide essential healthcare services to underserved communities. We extend our thanks to our volunteers and Professor Moutiris for their invaluable contribution to this successful event.

“The mobile clinic in Anarita village, Paphos, was a valuable experience. Engaging with the community and making a tangible impact on their well-being was incredibly rewarding. I highly recommend this expedition to fellow students for its hands-on learning, community connection, and the profound sense of purpose it brings to one’s medical education.”

Zeid Fahed Hussni Abuhijleh, Jordan
MD, Class of 2024

“The mobile clinic expedition to Anarita village provided me with the experience of working with actual patients. It was a great experience. I met some amazing people and engaged with medical students from other years and programmes of study. Thus, I would highly recommend that all medical students take part in an expedition.”

George Samaan, Israel
GEMD, Class of 2026