March 2024

UNIC Health is continuously developing its strategic partnerships and international collaborations, reflecting its commitment to establishing a competitive and integrated global educational network. Recent months have seen significant enhancements to these partnerships:

The Medical School has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Sorbonne University Faculty of Medicine in Paris. This partnership fosters exchange programmes, joint research, and shared academic events, enriching the educational experience for medical students and faculty.

Additionally, the renewal of the Student Training Agreement with Swedish Hospital in Chicago continues to provide medical students clinical experience in the U.S.

The School of Veterinary Medicine has signed a cooperation agreement with the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This agreement focuses on joint degrees, exchange initiatives, and collaborative research, particularly in the areas of infectious and zoonotic diseases.

Furthermore, an agreement with the Cyprus Horseracing Club has been signed, granting exclusive utilisation of the Club’s equine clinic for educational and research purposes.

These partnerships reflect UNIC Health’s dedication to building a dynamic and interconnected global educational network, fostering innovation, and promoting excellence in healthcare education and research.