April 2024

Professor of Anatomy Panagiotis Karanis recently received an honourary award from the Green Brand Awards for his research on controlling and treating infectious parasitic diseases. The awards, held under the auspices of the Association of Environmental Scientists of Greece, recognise excellence and innovation in products, services, and processes that support the green economy and eco-living.

Upon receiving the award, Prof Karanis expressed, ‘The urgency for adopting a One Health approach and establishing collaborations across the domains of public health, sanitation, education, and food safety is more pronounced than ever’. He highlighted the significant contributions of recent advancements in research to the global knowledge

base, emphasizing the importance of integrating the study of infectious agents into the curricula of multiple disciplines including medical, veterinary, biological sciences, biomedicine, pharmacy, public health, agriculture, and related fields. Prof Karanis also noted an emerging opportunity to enhance achievements in the field of infectious disease research, particularly in Cyprus and Greece, stating, ‘Our countries hold a vast potential for the next generation of biomedical scientists, where research and innovation can thrive’.

The award ceremony took place on 21 March 2024, in Athens.