by Mariam Hamam, MD, Class of 2027

17 April  2024

On Saturday, 14 April 2024, a Mobile Clinic expedition took place at Liopetri Village, located in the Famagusta District. The team consisted of supervisor physicians, Dr Sotiris Dimosthenous and Dr Danny Alon Ellenbogen, three staff members, and 19 student volunteers. Our team successfully provided 56 local patients with free health screenings, including blood pressure, glucose and body mass index measurements.

The expedition honed our clinical skills and offered invaluable insight into community healthcare. It exposed our team to diverse health concerns and challenges, such as elderly suffering from hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Moreover, many of the villagers were unaware of their health status, which made this experience valuable in raising awareness and promoting preventive care.

As a token of appreciation, patients offered the team locally grown berries and traditional food, filling the expedition with moments of connection and light-heartedness! Following the expedition, the community hosted a delightful lunch for the team before heading back.

“The mobile clinic expedition afforded me hands-on experience in applying several simple, yet vital, clinical diagnostic tests learned during my studies. I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with numerous patients, refining my communicative skills as a medical student. Collaborating within a team setting proved immensely fulfilling. Being a part of the mobile clinic is a valuable experience overall.”

Enakshi Anousha Sinha, Switzerland
MD, Class of 2028

“Having the opportunity to participate in the mobile clinic as an exchange student was both immensely enjoyable and educational. I had the chance to meet people whom I would otherwise not have encountered, explore rural parts of Cyprus, and feel that I was contributing to the local community. I would recommend that everyone attend a mobile clinic exposition at least once.”

Hjalmar Fransson, Sweden
MD –  Erasmus Student

“As an exchange student, participating in the mobile clinic was an exciting opportunity to see a different side of healthcare in Cyprus, distinct from what I experienced in the hospital. It was truly amazing to be able to engage in such a meaningful activity. The day was fun, educational, and overall a really great experience!”

Annina Nyström, Finland
MD –  Erasmus Student