Panayiota Andreou

Assistant Professor


Panayiota Andreou is Assistant Professor of Communication Skills at the University of Nicosia Medical School.

Dr Andreou holds a BSc in Psychology (Honours) from Royal Holloway University, University of London (UK), an MSc in Health Psychology from the  University of Bath (UK) and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Southampton (UK).

Her research interests cover areas of rationing or missed care in clinical settings, dementia care and caregiver burden, older age and health behaviour change, and cognitive and behavioural factors underlying primary care consultation visits.

Selected Publications

Little, P., Stuart, B., Andreou, P., McDermott, L., Joseph, J., Mullee, M., Moore, M., Broomfield, S., Thomas, T., & Yardley, L. (2016). Primary care randomised controlled trial of a tailored interactive website for the self-management of respiratory infections (Internet Doctor). BMJ open, 6(4), e009769.

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Vryonides, S., Papastavrou, E., Charalambous, A., Andreou, P., Eleftheriou, C., & Merkouris, A. (2016). Ethical climate and missed nursing care in cancer care units. Nursing Ethics, 1-7.

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Vryonides, S., Papastavrou, E., Charalambous, A., Andreou, P., & Merkouris, A. (2015).            The ethical dimension of nursing care rationing: a thematic synthesis of qualitative studies.  Nursing ethics, 22(8), 881-900.

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Telfer P., Constantinidou G. , Andreou P. , Christou S. , Modell B. , Angastiniotis M. (2005). Quality of life in thalassemia. Annual New York Academic Science, 105, 273-82.

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