Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Medical School has recently announced new faculty roles and appointments.

Professor Aleksandar Jovanovic was appointed as Professor in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Professor Jovanovic obtained his MD/PhD degrees and board certificate in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Belgrade. He was awarded the Merck, Sharp & Dohme International Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology and received his Clinical Pharmacology training at the Mayo Clinic where he was later appointed as an Instructor of Medicine. Subsequently, he took up an appointment at the Medical School, University of Dundee, where he rose through the ranks to become Professor of Experimental Medicine. His research aim is to understand intracellular signalling pathways and therapeutically exploit them. Professor Jovanovic has published many original and review papers in peer-reviewed journals and he is an Editor of the European Journal of Pharmacology.

Professor Peter McCrorie has taken on the new role of Chair of the University of Nicosia International Advisory Committee for the Health Sciences.

Professor McCrorie studied Biochemistry at Glasgow University. He obtained a PhD in Biochemistry at St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School in London.  His interests lie in curriculum development, assessment, graduate entry, self-directed and problem based learning, community oriented medical education, inter-professional learning and staff development.   His expertise will help to set the agenda for the development of the Health Sciences for the University.  Professor McCrorie will remain with the Medical School as Professor of Medical Education.  More

Dr Nicoletta Nicolaou was appointed last February as Assistant Professor in Medical Assessment.

Dr Nicolaou holds a BSc First Class Honours in Cybernetics and Control Engineering and a PhD in Cybernetics from the University of Reading.  Her general research interests revolve around the study of brain activity for various applications (e.g. brain-computer interfaces), mental states (e.g. sleep), and disorders (e.g. epilepsy). Her main research interest is the study of EEG during anaesthesia. More specifically, she is investigating how the patterns of brain connectivity (in terms of causality, synchrony, etc.) and their relationship to cardiovascular activity are affected by anaesthetic administration in order to identify mechanisms of anaesthetic-induced unconsciousness and to develop a device for monitoring awareness during surgery.

Dr Persoulla Nicolaou, Assistant Professor in Pharmacology, has been appointed as the Course Director of the proposed MSc in Health Sciences (MHSA). This is a new venture and Dr Nicolaou will be instrumental in leading the accreditation process and the development and delivery of the new programme.

Dr Nicolaou has been a core faculty member at the Medical School virtually since its foundation.   Apart from a PhD in Pharmacology, she holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  Dr Nicolaou has vast experience in leading a number of academic roles at the Medical School including Course Lead and Year Lead, and other important positions in curriculum delivery and assessment.

Professor Alexia Papageorgiou has been appointed as Chair of the Centre of Medical Education.

Professor Papageorgiou holds a BA in Psychology from the American College in Greece, an MSc in Health Psychology from City University London and a PhD in Psychiatry from University College London.  Her research covers the areas of clinical communication, medical education, health psychology and advance statements of people who can no longer make decisions in medicine and psychiatry.  This promotion acknowledges Alexia’s valued expertise and commitment to the Medical School since its foundation. More