March 2024

This year numerous medical students were given opportunities to present their research and achieve recognition at both local and international conferences.

The UNIC Health Student Research Conference, held on 14 February 2024, showcased 13 student research projects, highlighting the collaboration between the Medical School (MS), School of Veterinary Medicine, the MS Student Society, and the Medical Students Research Society. This year’s conference introduced the UNIC Health Student International Achievements section, underscoring the importance of engaging in international conferences and networking events.

MD 6-year students organized a conference at the amphitheater of Paphos General Hospital (PGH) and discussed their experiences during placements at PGH. The conference, supported by the Medical School and the State Health Services Organisation, featured a range of topics from intriguing cases to local research projects, attracting an audience of doctors and fellow students.

At the European Congress on Neurosurgery & Technology in Barcelona, Professor Konstantinos Gousias highlighted expertise in surgical neuro-oncology. Lucas Mazurcyk and Hannah Maycroft, MD Year-5 students, notably contributed to this field, including a clinical trial design and an observership in Germany. Additionally, MD Year-4 students Emma Nordahl and Toby Newton made significant contributions to neurosurgical research, focusing on traumatic brain injury and tumour margin detection.

Maria Witkowiak and Linn Persson, final year MD students, along with their team, secured 5th place at the European iDays Finals in Barcelona, presenting ‘Matakia’, an innovative project aimed at simplifying eye health assessments for children. Their success is a testament to UNIC’s commitment to fostering healthcare innovation.

Additionally, Abdelrahim Elmejrab, a six-year MD student, presented a rare case study at the International Conference of the European Society of Cardiology on Heart and Stroke in Oxford, highlighting the critical role of a multidisciplinary approach in healthcare.

Fathima-Asma Anverdeen also achieved recognition by winning the ‘Best Student Poster’ at the Medical Trainees Conference in Newcastle, with her work on ‘Surgical Debridement for Necrotising Fasciitis Complicating Tattoo’, showcasing her potential in the surgical field.

These achievements demonstrate the students’ dedication and skill but also enhance the reputation of UNIC’s medical school on a global scale, providing students with invaluable opportunities to present their work to a wide audience, ranging from local faculty and peers to international experts and professionals.